English Language Learner Program (ELL) 

The goal of RAS’s English Language Learning (ELL) programs is to foster linguistic development in students whose first language is a language other than English, or is a variety of English that is significantly different from the variety used for instruction at RAS, so that these students are equipped with the language and linguistic strategies to succeed academically and socially in an English-instruction environment.

English Language Learners Policy

RAS assesses ELL students using internationally-recognized placement tests (MAP and W-APT), oral interviews, and student-written responses. ELL students are expected to make at least one year’s academic growth in one year’s time, as evidenced by placement tests. Students who do not make adequate growth will be referred to our learning support team.

What is ELL?
RAS’s English Language Learning (ELL) programs provide academic support to all students who struggle to succeed in grade-level academic standards because their home language is not English or is a distinctly different dialect of English. 

RAS offers two ELL programs: the English Immersion Program (EIP), which pauses the student’s academic track for up to one year to provide intensive instruction to beginning English learners, and the Sheltered English Instruction Program (SEIP), which supports the student’s grade-level education with additional ELL classes, as well as push-in and pull-out instruction. Both programs offer enriched curricula through English-immersion instruction that focuses on developing basic interpersonal communication skills and cognitive academic language proficiency. The ELL programs uses WIDA’s international assessments and RAS’s school-wide General Learning Outcomes (GLOs) to determine progress, proficiency, and achievement
. Our program uses ELL/EIP and WIDA standards.

ELL / EIP Student Handbook 

Level 1:

ELL students are one level bellow target. They can work independently and require minimal support in small group classes.

Level 2:

ELL students are two grade levels below target. They require accommodated lesson plans, in-class support, small-group or individual instruction, and, if applicable, additional homework.

Level 3:

ELL students are three grade levels below target. They require intensive small-group and individual instruction, immersive exposure, and additional homework.

Level 4:

English Immersion Program (EIP)
RAS’s English Immersion Program (EIP) is a rigorous one-year immersive language learning course for students, applying for grades 4-10, who speak little to no English but who are motivated to become independent linguistic learners and English speakers quickly. This program pauses the students’ academic tracks for up to one academic school year (or 12 months) in order to prepare the learners with the language skills required to reintegrate into, and succeed in, their appropriate grade-level classes. This program has strict entrance and exit protocols.

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