How to Apply 

Step 1 Visit the School and Admissions Office

We welcome the opportunity to discuss our mission, our curriculum and our admissions process with you. We encourage you to stop by and visit our school, meet our Superintendent, and connect with the admissions office. You can contact us by phone or email. We can best serve you with a prior appointment, but also maintain an open door policy. If you cannot visit us in person please explore our website. We are also able to connect with you via Skype at your convenience. 

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Step 2 Fulfill Application Requirements







Step 3 Admissions Evaluation

An application for admission will be processed as soon as the Admissions Office has received all the necessary documents. While school is in session, the expected process time for initial evaluation is 5 working days. When school is not in session, the expected process time for initial evaluation is 10 working days. These times may be extended if additional evaluation or diagnosis is required.

Once the Admissions Office evaluates a completed application, a staff member will contact the applicant to make screening/interview arrangements.



Step 4 Interview/Screening

Students enter RAS from many different countries with widely varying educational systems. Age, previous school records, evaluative testing, an interview and a review of all pertinent records are used to ensure that students are placed in appropriate grade levels.

After the Admissions Office makes an initial evaluation of a complete application, all applicants from Grade One and above are required to participate in an admissions interview and admissions screening that assesses skills in English language (listening, speaking, reading, and writing) as well as mathematics. Applicants for the Pre-kindergarten and Kindergarten programs will be invited for a Parent Interview session. Prospective students will be provided with materials to play with while Admissions personnel interview parent(s) on daily routines and family life.

Interviews will be scheduled in person, or if not possible, via Skype. If an applicant is unable to attend an interview in person, or on Skype, enrollment may be offered contingent on completion of successful interview once present in Malaysia.



Step 5 Notification of Application Status

Offer of Admissions

Once your child meets all Admissions criteria a formal Offer of Admissions, in writing, will be communicated via email and you can begin a positive transition into the RAS Community. Your Offer of Admissions will be followed by a welcome letter from the Superintendent of the school. After the school has received the deposit payment, confirming the applicant's seat in the school, additional e-mails will be sent outlining the next steps to a positive transition into the RAS community.


Wait Pool

If an applicant meets admissions requirements but is applying for enrollment in a grade level or program that is full, then that applicant will be placed on the waiting list for that particular school year. If a place becomes available, parents are notified and receive an offer of admissions (please see previous section). If it is determined that space will not be available during the requested school year, parents are notified in writing. If a candidate is interested in applying for the following year the rollover application requirements will be determined by Admissions and communicated to parents in writing.


An applicant may be denied admission when there are concerns about academic, social or emotional abilities, or when RAS is unable to offer a program to adequately meet an individual student’s learning needs.


Further Evaluation Required

If it is determined that there is insufficient evidence to make a firm accept/deny decision, you will receive written notification from the Admissions Office outlining the additional information required as well as an expected timeline for the process. This may involve additional interviews or screening with faculty or administration, or contact with the students’ current school.





  Apply Now

Now accepting applications for the 2017/2018 school year.

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