Lyle Moltzan


Mr. Lyle Moltzan has been in education for 27 years. His
teaching experience includes math,science, and computers,
with a Masters of Education degree. In addition, Lyle served
as a technology director, curriculum coordinator, department
head, IB coordinator, principal, and school director. He started
his teaching career in Alberta,Canada where he met his wife,
Rita. After getting married, they decided to experience overseas
teaching and have not looked back after 22 years of International
education.They are proud to have lived in Jordan, South Africa,
Indonesia, Cameroon, Zimbabwe and Nigeria.


Tim Shepherd

Elementary School Principal

Mr. Tim Shepherd has been in education for the past 20 years.
He has been involved in vocational instruction, been a
classroom teacher, a testing coordinator, technology integration
leader and an English Language Coordinator.  He has a
Bachelors of Sciences Degree and a Post Gradguate
Certificateof Education.Tim started his educational career in
agricultural instruction and after meeting his wife embarked
upon a life over seas. They have lived in Switzerland, Thailand,
Estonia and most recently Bali, Indonesia.They have 2 children 
have been happily living abroad for the last 15 years.


Christian Choyce

Boarding Director

Mr. Christian Choyce has been in education for 13 years
and has a degree in Bachelor of Education. His teaching
experience includes History, Business Studies and
Geography. He has been involved with boarding facilities
for the majority of his schooling and professional career.
Chris has been a head of department, head of a boarding
facility, and a grade head. He is married to Natalie whom he
has known since Grade1 and she is a Pre-Kteacher. Guiding
and nurturing childrens development is a passion, a calling
and a pleasure for Chris.


Department Leaders


David Norman

Guidance Counselor

Mr. David Norman spent sixteen years in the New Zealand
Police Force. He has work with domestic violence victims
and youth gave him a passion to help people succeed and
lead him to complete a Bachelors of Counseling.
Throughout the years, he has mentored youth and coached
children. Dave believes that everyone deserves a chance to
improve themselves and thoroughly enjoys building
relationships with young people to help them realize their
strengths in order to succeed and reach their life potential.


Nina Hall

ELL Coordinator

Nina became a teacher because she loves learning, which
is probably best evidenced by her string of degrees in
journalism, linguistics, and education from the University of
Colorado, Massachusetts, and West Florida. She has taught
ELL, language arts, and history in Singapore, Myanmar, and
the Dominican Republic. Now she is stepping into the role of
ELL Coordinator to oversee the exciting development of the
English Language Learning programs at Raffles American
School. She believes anyone can learn a new language
if they are motivated and placed in a supportive environment
that challenges the mind through meaningful interactions and
hands-on projects.


Josh Nobles

Athletic Director 

With a B.A. in Kinesiology, a Master’s in Education and a
certificate in Secondary Social Studies, Josh has worked
in schools in Shanghai, Singapore, Myanmar and the
Dominican Republic. His upbringing and travel experiences
have fostered a focus of historical and cultural perspective
within his curriculum. As a big advocate for education outside
the classroom, Josh enjoys coaching sports, development 
community service programs and leading environmental clubs. 
In all aspects of learning, Josh’s philosophy towards education
is simple: To educate is to empower; We empower by showing
others how to learn; We learn by asking questions, seeking
answers and reflecting on the process. Based upon this
ideology, Josh practices a project-based learning style that
allows students to pursue questions they are interested in
while utilizing skills they have confidence with. He believes
that by making learning relevant and focused on individual
strengths, students become empowered to seek self-actualization. 


Nathan O'Brien

Communication Director

Mr. Nathan O’Brien joins us from Portland, Oregon, USA.
He is accompanied at the school by his wife, 5th Grade
teacher Ms. Lisa Borchart. Nathan holds a Bachelor of
Arts degree in Kinesiology,as well as a Master of
Business Administration degree, earning both from
Willamette University Salem, Oregon. He brings 10+
years experience in both the for profit and nonprofit
sectors. His previous experience has taken him
throughout the USA, South America,and Asia — most
recently working in China, Taiwan, Japan and Korea.
This is his first foray into Malaysia and he is excited
to provide his unique experience and skill set to help
grow Raffles American School into one of the worlds
premier International American Schools. Nathan looks
forward to helping provide all students with an opportunity
to learn at a high academic standard and prepare
them for success in today’s rapidly changing world.


Rita Moltzan

Literacy Specialist 

Rita is excited to be back in the library working with
students and teachers. Her 20+ years of varied
experience in 8 different countries includes
admissions, librarian, preschool, middle school
language arts, creative writing, drama, high school
English, social studies, upper elementary, and
journalism. With a Masters in Reading and Literacy
and experience as a Literacy Mentor teacher,
Rita enjoys opportunities to assist students in
developing a passion for reading, writing, and poetry.
She loves traveling the world with her family, playing tennis,
yoga, jewelry making, and writing.


Sharon Brown

Director of Admissions

Ms. Sharon Brown comes to RAS with a Masters Degree in
Social Work Administration from the University of Texas,
Austin. Her experience includes with over 10 years of working
in administration and communications in a variety of fields
including education, eco-hospitality, community development,
affordable housing and refuge resettlement. Sharon joins RAS
with her husband, an upper school Social Studies teacher,
and their two children, both RAS students, aged 5 and 7.
Over the past 10 years, she has been privileged to live in
Thailand, Viet Nam, Myanmar, Ecuador and Malaysia.
Sharon is proud to be a part of the Admissions team at RAS,
helping students to join the RAS community and build a
foundation upon which to achieve their dreams.


Hector Osuna

Project and Facilities Coordinator

Mr. Hector Osuna, originally from Mexico City, Mexico, moved
to Oregon, USA at the age of 10. He earned his B.A. in
Community Development from Portland State University.
Currently he is finishing his MSC in Urban Agglomerations
from Franfurt Universityof Applied Sciences, Frankfurt as Main,
Germany. His professional experience as an as an assistant
city planner, outreach coordinator at a metro regional government,
policy coordinator and community organizer for non-profit
organizations and after school site manager from a K-8 school has
provided him with interdisciplinary skills that assist him to work
in various settings. He brings a passion for sustainable development
that will contribute to the RAS mission, values and goals.


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